Opinion Essay. (300 word limit)

What is socialization?

Socialization refers to how a person is molded through behavior, norms, values and social skills. How socialization looks like can differ based on culture. The subject matter was chosen as I believe how the power of influence is exerted and leaves an impact is a noteworthy thing. It is something that interests me greatly, especially when this theory can be observed often around us. I believe that it is a powerful tool, and it helps me understand why some people behave the way they do.

Socialization’s purpose

Socialization is used as a means of controlling others to behave appropriately. For example, when someone is talking at a disruptive volume, strangers around might glare at them to show their displeasure. Their friends might directly tell them to lower their volume, or their acquaintances might nudge them and shush them.

Socialization enhances social mobility. It informs people about societal expectations, and their role in their ecological system. People will naturally want to fill in the gaps they are expected to take on, because resisting the system requires much more effort. People are more likely to defy the influence of socialization when there are strong motivations to do. Examples include the right to pursue their freedom and to do what they want, which may go against the grain.

Drawbacks of socialization

While socialization can be something that helps society hold its structure, it also needs to be kept in check. If people are being taught and influenced by poor moral ethics, it could create groups that inflict harm in advancing their cause. This can be observed in the growth of terrorism, fascism, and cults. Some may be fully aware that their morality is skewed, but some may be led astray and unaware.



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