Us — The consideration of diversity.


2 min readMay 16, 2021

You and I — we are so different. Our personalities, interests and values.

Some of us are olive skinned, some with more melanin. Some of us have dimples and moles. Droopy or raised noses. Unique fingerprints and stretch marks. Maybe the unique ability for our tongue to reach our nose.

Every body has unique capabilities. Some are meant to handle the harsh physical elements, or take on competitive challenges and uncertainties. Some can paint a picture gracefully through our nimble fingers, the vibrations of our vocal cords, or through the coordination of our body.

The way our taste buds savour the depth and richness of a stew, how our body can’t quite stomach certain foods. Maybe we can only take shallow breaths, or we need to eat medications after every meal. The human anatomy is a surprising thing.

A set of principles clung on to for dear life, is nothing but a faraway theory for another. Light humming may be unfamiliar for one, yet set off memories for an individual. How we wear our shoes and socks, the lenses we view the world when we walk outside. The way we express excitement through the bouncing of the balls of our feet, or how a small smile creeps up across our face as we try to hide it. Someone we are ambivalent may prove to be someone else’s beloved.

Our diversity stretches beyond the direct community around us — our differences are global.

For we all have something in common. The night is ours. It is only what we make of it. We are equals, staring under the same moon.